Distinctions and awards earned by employees, PhD students and students of the
Inorganic Technology and Ceramics Department

  • dr inż. Paweł Falkowski was one of the winners of the competition for academic scholarships for young PhD of Warsaw University of Technology CAS/23/POKL

  • dr inż. was awarded by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education by receiving financial support for implementing their own research in program "Iuventus Plus 2011"

  • Award of Polish Ceramic Society for dr inż. Janusza Sokołowski for "industrial application of research results" received on "VIII Konferencja Polskiego Towarzystwa Ceramicznego", Zakopane, 22 - 25 września 2011"

  • Best poster award of Symposium M for mgr inż. Magdala Gizowska on international conference "E-MRS Fall Meeting 2010"

  • (62kB)

  • Award for mgr inż. Magdalena Gizowska for the first place in "Student Poster Session" on conference "216th ECS Meeting" in 2009

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